Monday, July 1, 2013

Bass Pro Shops is Building a GARGANTUAN Store in South San Jose

Bass Pro Shops is an outdoor retailer known for building huge destination stores. How huge? The San Jose store will be 145,000 SQFT, which is larger than your typical Costco. This store has an incredibly loyal and devoted following that drive an average of more than 50 miles to get to their closest store and stay an average of 2.5 hours per visit. Each store gets about 2 million visitors per year. This will be the first Bass Pro Shops in the Bay Area, and there are only two other stores in all of California.

The San Jose store will carry all sorts of camping, hunting, fishing, boating, and general outdoor gear. If none of that sounds appealing to you, I'm sure just walking around will be entertaining in and of itself. In fact, this store will come complete with a 12-lane "underwater" bowling alley and a seafood restaurant.

Bass Pro Shops will be located in Almaden Ranch at the corner of Almaden Expressway and Highway 85 and construction should be complete in 2015. Over 250-300 permanent jobs will be created when the store opens, not including seasonal employees.

Source: The MercSVBJ


  1. I pass one of these on the way to Modesto to visit family all the time. Never been in one, but have heard they're pretty crazy. It'll bring jobs and be a good resource for all the outdoorsy types. I think the underwater bowling alley sounds like something fun to see.

  2. They're amazing. This is amazing. As a transplanted Southerner, this is wonderful news.

  3. Is San Jose giving Bass a subsidy to come to town?

    1. Nope, San Jose is not giving Bass a subsidy to open this store. It is entirely a market-rate deal.