Saturday, July 27, 2013

FOCUS: STREET ART Premiers Today at the MLK Library Downtown

Don't miss "FOCUS: STREET ART". A photo exhibit by Randy O. that will be featured at the Dr Martin Luther King Jr Library, 150 E San Fernando St, in San Jose from the 27th of July until the 26th of August 2013.

Fascinated by contemporary spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle's, take on "Chaos and the Higher Order", Randy's work is inspired by simple, common everyday objects and images that form part of our lives like graffiti, rusting pipes or peeling paint, which are insignificant yet he sees them as art forms by focusing from a different perspective.

 His  work is characterized by vibrant, highly induced colors, rich textures, asymmetrical lines, a play of lights and shadows and dramatic contrasts that is designed to stimulate the mind.

Prior to venturing into fine art, he spent the last 30 years as a graphic designer, photographer, color separation specialist and commercial printer. With so many years dealing with a discerning clientele in the advertising industry, his work has now come full circle.

What many people don't know is  that it takes a whole team to create the perfect images that are exhibited by top photographers in high end galleries. What Randy O. hopes to achieve through 4 Archival Print is to level the playing field by helping aspiring photographers and artists reproduce limited and open edition prints with the same artistic feel and high quality to increase the marketability of their work.

He has developed a special discounted program for students to reproduce their work and encourages them to register at to avail of these discounted prices.

Here is a sample of his work printed on Archival Monet Canvas by Hahnemuehle.
43" x 33" in size using Ultra Krome 3 ink which will be on exhibit.
Title: The Chameleon

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  1. This looks amazing, is there a source for more images of the work? Unfortunately too far away for us to attend!