Saturday, July 13, 2013

Saturday Stats: San Jose Ranks as the #10 Best City of Same-Sex Weddings

With the demise of the Defense of Marriage Act, California cities can now be included as the best places for gay weddings. Those cities will benefit from increased dollars being pumped into the economy for ceremonies and receptions, as well as happier residents that are no longer discriminated against.

San Jose ranked #10 on the list of best cities for same-sex weddings in the country. San Francisco ranked #1, and I will say that is well deserved (there, I paid a rare compliment to SF =).

The rankings are based on 12 different pieces of criteria including the HRC Equality Index, % of gay population, gay bars per capita, florists per capita, bridal shops per capita, hotels per capita, wedding planners per capita (SJ ranked #3), DJs per capita (SJ ranked #4), catering companies per capita, bakeries per capita, and photographers per capita (SJ ranked #3). See the full top 10 list below:

Top 10 List

1.) San Francisco, CA
2.) Seattle, WA
3.) Boston, MA
4.) Minneapolis, MN
5.) Riverside, CA
6.) Washington, D.C.
7.) San D9iego, CA
8.) Rochester, NY
9.) Los Angeles, CA
10.) San Jose, CA

Same Sex Wedding Big Deal list

Source: Movoto Blog

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