Friday, August 23, 2013

San Jose Bike Share Installation Photos

We are getting closer and closer to having a bike share program in Downtown San Jose! The initial pilot will have 150 bikes at 15 different stations in the Downtown core. There will also be some stations close by, such as in Japantown. If the pilot is a success, we could see many more stations coming to San Jose and other Silicon Valley cities. Installation started a few weeks ago, and I grabbed some photos from John Brazil's Flickr page. For more information on the program and to sign up, just head over here. 

Source: John Brazil from the Bike & Pedestrian Program

Picture 539

Picture 506

Picture 518

Picture 530

Picture 535

Picture 529


  1. welcome to two weeks ago

    1. You are more than welcome to do real time posts yourself.

  2. Very cool. The city is really taking to heart making downtown bike friendly with the new bike lanes and now these bike shares.

    Downtown looks to be moving in the right direction. Now if only they could do something to turn Guadalupe River Park (not just the trail) into more of an attraction.

  3. To whoever posted the first comment:
    I think Josh is doing an amazing job with this blog. I like the fact that he posts on a nice mix of topics, ranging from development and transportation news to events, benefits, arts and culture. I don't expect the blog to have news on any particular item (e.g., bike share) the day it happens, but I trust that when something new happens, Josh will work it into his rotation.

    Thanks for your hard work, Josh!

  4. Gag. And I'm not the person who left the first comment...

  5. I think they're doing this all over the countries like in Philly, NY, Denver, Seattle, Portland, Chicago, Minneapolis, Washington, Houston, Dallas, San Diego, LA and so many others. They all have or have the bike share program. It's a nationwide trend.