Saturday, August 17, 2013

Saturday Stats: San Jose Ranks as One of the Most "Saintly" Cities

Movato has created a list of the most "Saintly" cities in the US by looking at the statistics related to the 7 Deadly Sins. Specifically they looked at the following:
  • Strip clubs per capita (Lust)
  • Cosmetic surgeons per capita (Pride)
  • Violent crime per year per 1,000 residents (Wrath)
  • Theft per year per 1,000 residents (Envy)
  • Percentage of disposable income given to charity each year (Greed)
  • Percentage of obese residents (Gluttony)
  • Percentage of physically inactive residents (Sloth)
After crunching the numbers, San Jose came in as the 9th most "Saintly." SF did not even rank in the top 50 and surprisingly NYC came in 1st (surprising to me at least). To check out the full article which goes deep into the logic of the metrics, click here. You can also find the lists below:

List of Most Saintly Cities:
1. New York, NY
2. Gilbert, AZ
3. Fremont, CA
4. Glendale, CA
5. Chula Vista, CA
6. Colorado Springs, CO
7. Chandler, AZ
8. Long Beach, CA
9. San Jose, CA
10. Irvine, CA

Click to enlarge the full list below:

Saintly Cities Ranking

Source: Movoto

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  1. add white collar crime and NYC will plummet never to see the light of day!