Tuesday, September 17, 2013

High-end Health Club Replacing Century Berryessa 10

Many Berryessa residents were worried that the former Century 10 Movie Theater was going to be turned into a Walmart. It now looks like that space is going to be a massive 130,000 SQFT VillaSport gym. Actually, calling it a gym may be an insult. The existing VillaSports in Texas and Colorado feature amenities like outdoor water slides, whirlpools, full-service spas, massive amounts of equipment, and kid's areas that are in-and-of themselves larger than many gyms. Residents in the area should be pretty happy about this!

They are ready to build the health club as soon as they receive the final sign-off from the city. I'm not sure what the monthly fees will be for membership, but I think they will be a bit higher than your typical 24 Hour Fitness. Check out some images below that the Business Journal scooped up from a Colorado VillaSport .

Source: SVBJ


  1. I was excited when read this post back in September of last year. This would be terrific. But I haven't/seen any movement on this project. Is this still in the works??

    1. Don't have any news unfortunately, maybe someone else does.