Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Reddit Conversation with Sam Liccardo

Even if you could care less about San Jose politics, I would highly recommend reading this Reddit conversation with District 3 Councilmember Sam Liccardo. Some of the topics he covers include:

  • Downtown nightlife
  • How to compete with other Downtown areas in the South Bay and SF
  • The Homeless
  • Housing costs
  • BART to San Jose
  • Crime
  • The Gold Club
  • The 49ers move
  • Building codes & fees
  • The A's Ballpark
  • Downtown High-rises
  • Population growth and density
  • Office vacancies
In other words he covered almost every topic important to Downtown San Jose, and he did a pretty good job of addressing the questions directly and only dodging a couple. He even made a comment about the airport location specifically for Anthony Dominguez ;)

"It means that some locations are limited to 25 or even 20 stories, which isn't tall enough to justify the very large additional costs of steel construction (typically required on anything 10 stories or more). We also have a high water table due to the proximity of the Guadalupe, so developers have to pump water--permanently-- in order to install underground garages. So, our geography undermines our ability to build a skyline. That's why I'm proposing next week that we move the airport to Moffett Field. Just kidding." 

It's a great read, definitely worth 15min of your time! Again, here is the link.