Thursday, September 12, 2013

RetailNext Tripling Space Downtown

RetailNext is company that analyzes shopping habits and behaviors, even going so far as creating "heatmaps" showing where shoppers are spending most of their time in a store. They currently have a 50 people in their 6,800 SQFT Downtown San Jose headquarters at 99 Almaden. They have decided to nearly triple their space to a full floor at 60 South Market, which will bring them up to 17,108 SQFT.

They were quoted saying that staying Downtown was their #1 priority. They want access to amenities and the Caltrain stop but do not want to pay the high rents at Palo Alto and Mountain View. Hopefully we'll see a lot more companies make similar decisions!

Source: SVBJ

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  1. Great news. Downtown San Jose's increasingly appealing location is set to grow as more high-rise units come on to the market over the next few years. It's developing into an urban environment somewhere between SF's big-city feel and Palo Alto's urban suburbanism.