Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Knight Foundation Donates $495,000 to Bridging the Digital Divide

It is pretty easy to take a lot for granted living in Silicon Valley. For example, while the internet appears ubiquitous to us and it is impossible to imagine a life without it, there are still 5 billion people in the world with zero access to the web. Even in our own backyard there are communities with limited access.

A couple weeks ago the Knight Foundation announced they were investing nearly a half million dollars in programs that will bridge the digital divide as well as help residents find information on transportation and affordable housing, empower Silicon Valley nonprofit leaders by learning how to use digital tools and cut costs, and create an internship program in Palo Alto for low-income youth.

The Knight Foundation is based in San Jose and hopefully many of our communities will benefit from these programs. For more information, just have a look at the source links below.

Source: Knight Foundation, Knight Blog



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  2. And somehow, when I first read this, I mentally parsed "Knight Foundation" into "Foundation for Law and Government" People from the 80's will understand why. :)