Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Awesome New Mural!

Check out the new mural below in the Japantown area!  Empire Seven Studios and Guadalajara Restaurant are throwing a party to celebrate this Friday from 5-7pm. I can't wait to see this in person.


Empire Seven Studios (E7S), a local Art Gallery & Boutique located in San Jose, CA, recently established the E7S Mural Project. It’s a collaborative effort amongst local artists under the direction of the E7S team: Juan Carlos Araujo & Jennifer Ahn (Owners/Founders) and staff William Moran (Muralist, Project Manager), Luis Medellin Ochoa (Operations Manager).

We are currently involved in the expansion of our dream at Empire Seven Studios, seeing art reach out into the streets and into our surrounding neighborhoods. We have developed this program as an idea amongst local artists to somehow get involved with the community and create an awareness of an artistic presence in the public.

The E7S Mural Project’s focus was to spread awareness of the rich artistic culture that lives and breathes in San José. We are proud to say with the help of friends and local supporters, we have achieved the 4th mural in the neighborhood; one of which is the largest mural within this project. We would like to give a special “thanks” to everyone who has enjoyed participating in the production of these murals, and especially to the local neighborhood for embracing them.

This hand painted mural is the design of lead artist, Jesus Rodriguez. The process was a collaborative effort amongst local artists William Moran (E7S Project Manager/Muralist), Abel Gonzalez, John Barrick, Ivan Gonzalez, Emillo Gallegos and Tamiko Rast.

The design itself is inspired by Meso-American structural design, which has played a big part in Art culture of San José. Businesses and neighborhoods throughout the City have welcomed such pieces and the significance of this particular piece stems from the message in the title “La Gran Cultura Resonance.” Its English translation “The Grand Culture Resonance” is a tribute to its size and amplitude of design in its representation of an artist and his/her roots in the San José Art culture. Within the design is the face of the Maize God. Once held as one of the highest of God’s among the Mayan People, it was worshiped for the gift of the crop Maize (corn). There is a famous story in which the tribal leaders would hide the corn seeds from their people, which can be found as reminder to the people of this neighborhood today; that treasures such as this monumental piece by volunteer artists, should not be hidden, but shared and appreciated.

Thoughts on the design and work by Jesus Rodriguez:

“The initial approach to the space was one at the request of the owner with a Mayan Calendar occupying the wall top to bottom. With the obstructions of windows and lights it proved to be difficult to imagine, so instead I decided to take the idea and work with the architectural design of the Meso-American Era, as well as use influences of the ceramic statues that were made in those times.

My first impression of the space was to occupy it with structural pieces that resemble large stones and create a few sculptural designs out of some of the available spaces that would allow me to do so. Upon the completion and approval of the design, William Moran and I vigorously worked to complete the sketch on the entire wall, which took a little over 24 hours to complete.

Into to the 4th day we were blessed with the volunteer work of, Abel Gonzalez, John Barrick, Ivan Gonzalez, Emilio & Serena Gallegos, Tamiko Rast, Jennifer Ahn, and Carlos Araujo. It truly helped with the completion of the project that was finished in a matter of two weeks thanks to them. I look at this project as a monumental piece and it is greatly rewarding for not only the opportunity to design and paint such a large piece but also in sharing the experience of painting with all the other artists.”

Special thanks to:
·       Dora Jacquez, Guadalajara Restaurant owner & Gloria Flores, building owner, for allowing us to share this with the community.
·       Stephen Ray Gordy, community leader, for his anti-graffiti clear coating.


Friday, November 1st from 5-7pm
We would like to invite you to come out to the unveiling of this new mural.
There will be food provided by Guadalajara Restaurant
and a Firestone Beer Sampling 

Guadalajara Restaurant
452 E Empire Street, San Jose, CA 95112
(between 10th and Empire Streets)

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