Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Petition for a Levitt Pavilion at St. James Park

A new petition has been kicked off to build a stage at St. James Park that would host 50 free live-music events each year. This would help revitalize the park, bring more people Downtown, and increase entertainment options for those that already live and/or work Downtown. The cost also seems quite reasonable for the amount of benefit it would add to one of our key parks.

To learn more about this proposal and sign the petition, click here.


Levitt Pavillion is a foundation that focuses on transforming urban public spaces that are blighted into thriving Destination Centers through High Quality FREE music and entertainment events held all year long.  The Levitt Foundation has already expressed a sincere, written interest in adding a Levitt Pavillion in St. James Park and even intends to provide a healthy initial contribution of $500,000 with ongoing support and Funding every year, FOR THE LIFE of the Park.  The Levitt Model has already been proven in six other Major markets and radically transformed areas known for high crime activity to safe, fun, exciting family oriented environments.  The Levitt Model has also had a huge, positive economic impact in the markets that they reside in, filling vacant retail spaces, enhancing open park spaces, and attracting new residences.


  1. Josh, where would this go exactly? The band shell model they use seems to big for this small park. PdeCC has the right layout because that stage is set off at one end of the park. It's unobtrusive. I'm not sure this is a good fit even tough SJP really deserves some love.


  2. When you sign the petition, make sure to opt out at the bottom and then opt out from the next email you get from Change.org. Otherwise you will be bombarded with their stuff.