Friday, October 18, 2013

Jim Stump Expands The Table Restaurant and launches Stumpy's

After being open for only a year, Jim Stump--proprietor of AP Stumps and Los Gatos Brewing Co.--is already expanding The Table in Willow Glen. The restaurant has been booming lately and they are taking over 900 SQFT currently occupied by a neighboring dry-cleaner, where they will move their bar to. This also creates the opportunity for a massive outdoor patio (drawing below). Construction is slated for early 2014 with a 4-5 month build-out, just in time for summer.

Jim is also doubling down on Willow Glen with a second eatery called Stumpy's in the Garden Theater building. They will serve modern hamburgers and hot dogs in a small 700 SQFT space, but they are planning to convert two parking spots into an outdoor curb-cafe to make more available dining space.

Source: SVBJ
The Table will expand into the current Elite Cleaners space, which is on the corner of Lincoln Avenue and Willow Street in San Jose's Willow Glen. The expansion will allow coveted outdoor dining space on the corner, which is currently a drive-up loading zone for the cleaner's.


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    1. Second the nice!

    2. Wonderful! Now let's just hope it does not close super early like all the other places in downtown Willow Glen.

  2. The last time I was at The Table I thought, when is this ugly building next door going to be redeveloped. Hopefully this is only the start to a downtown Willow Glen refresh. I'm talking about you 1213 Lincoln Ave..