Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Alaskan Airlines Adds Salt Lake Route at SJC

Starting on June 9th, 2014, San Jose International will be getting a new nonstop service to Salt Lake City by Alaskan Airlines. Currently, only Delta offers a nonstop to Salt Lake from SJC. The new offering will give travelers more options and competition does a pretty good job at keeping prices low. Now if only we could get a new international flight or two.

Source: SVBJ

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  1. On a somewhat related note, the San Jose bashing is going strong on Twitter by so-called urbanists and transportation supporters, here are some selected tweets:

    R Winston Kappesser ‏@RonaldKappesser 10h
    San Jose Airport's new terminal is a great example of setting money on fire. A white elephant expansion of a failing airport.

    R Winston Kappesser ‏@RonaldKappesser 9h
    @xtdave No. Most things San Jose does are motivated by tower envy.

    R Winston Kappesser ‏@RonaldKappesser 9h
    Q: how many more passengers does San Jose's airport handle after 4 years and $1.5b in improvements?
    A: None.

    Market Urbanism ‏@MarketUrbanism 9h
    @RonaldKappesser San Jose is a cesspool of bad transpo policy.

    A little bit earlier:

    Market Urbanism ‏@MarketUrbanism 9h
    @RonaldKappesser VTA light rail, all of the highways, the BART extension, the Calif HSR routing...the hits just keep on coming.

    Market Urbanism ‏@MarketUrbanism 10h
    Caltrain's getting electricity, and that's it. Downtown ext has been in planning for generations, other upgrades not till HSR (i.e., never)

    Market Urbanism ‏@MarketUrbanism 10h
    Meanwhile, San Jose gets everything it wants (shitty light rail! expensive HSR diversion! station named after local power broker!), and...