Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Downtown San Jose Restaurant List Updates! (Q4 2013 Edition)

I have done the latest round of updates to the Downtown San Jose Restaurants database (it has been a while, sorry about that). We are up to a grand total of 249 eateries! This is yet another record-breaking number for Downtown San Jose! To put it in perspective we were at 206 eateries just two years ago and we were at 234 last December.

We did have some closures such as Pop's & Sons at the San Pedro Square Market and Rokko Japanese near Cesar Chavez Park, but the new restaurants opening up more than counterbalance what little bad news there was this past quarter. It's a good time to be a foodie Downtown! Here are some of the newcomers:
  • Bel Bacio Imported Italian Coffee - Little Italy finally gets a second Eatery to compliment Paesano's, one of the best Italian restaurants Downtown. Bel Bacio's specialty is high-quality imported coffee from one of the most famous coffee regions in the world.
  • Ike's Place - The most famous sandwich chain in the Bay Area has finally come to Downtown San Jose (located at 60 E. Santa Clara)! Their sandwiches are amazing and they have a large selection of vegetarian options that even meat-lovers will appreciate. 
  • Thirst Tea - Great boba milk tea shop in the heart of Downtown across from Camera 12 (in the former Sandella's spot). They also have a great honey-toast dessert that will easily feed 4 people.
  • SP2 - Trendy new restaurant next to the San Pedro Square Market with locally sourced ingredients and a mixology-style bar menu.
  • BJ's Brewhouse - Now open at the San Jose Market Center.  
  • Other Places Coming Soon
    • ISO: Beers
    • C.R.E.A.M.
    • Da Kine Island Grill
    • San Jose Pizza Co.
    • Nomikai
    • Take One Pizza
    • SoFA Market
Below is the changelog from the Downtown San Jose Restaurants Database:
  • 7/25/2013 Added SP2, which replaced Sabor
  • 7/27/2013 Added Amor Cafe & Tea, which replaces Cafe Bon Terre
  • 7/28/2013 Noted that Sante Grill closed
  • 7/28/2013 Noted that The Mmoon closed
  • 7/29/2013 San Jose Pizza Co. is coming to the former Sante Grill Space
  • 9/15/2013 Take One Pizza will be opening in space formerly occupied by The Mmoon
  • 9/15/2013 Pops & Sons closed at the San Pedro Square Market
  • 9/15/2013 Added Da Kine Island Grill on Market (formerly Thepthai)
  • 12/1/2013 Koji Sake Lounge replaced with Nomikai
  • 12/1/2013 Added Bel Bacio Imported Italian Coffee in Little Italy
  • 12/1/2013 Added Thirst Tea on First Street
If you haven't bookmarked it yet, here's the link to the spreadsheet! There is also a permanent link over to the right entitled Downtown San Jose Restaurants.


  1. Exteme Pizza closed and Curry Pundits opened in its place.

    1. Great, thanks! I was never a big fan of Extreme Pizza.

  2. Little Cheese Shoppe inside San Pedro Sq Market has closed Josh:

    1. Josh,
      Reading the Little Cheese Shoppe FB page, they mentioned they couldn't adjust with the SPSM changing from a public market to a food court. Do you see this as being the case with the "Market?" I personally have not been there for quite some time. Perhaps another "change" will be in store at SPSM once all the high-rise residential is up and occupied.

    2. Sorry, I must have missed this comment. If Veggie Box stayed open they may have done slightly better, but I think the current mix of the market today is far better than it way a year ago. It's the hottest spot Downtown and is attracting lots of people to the area. It will only get stronger with the impending high-rise projects across the street.

  3. Sorta confused how this is any different than Yelp...

    1. I didn't realize Yelp had a question/answer feature. Last time I typed in "How many restaurants are in downtown San Jose" I got a random list.

    2. Why would the number of restaurants be of interest? I'm usually looking for a specific type of food or neighborhood.

    3. I use Yelp all the time, but you can't high level metrics on the profile of Downtown restaurants from yelp (important for the mission of this blog) and you cannot set multiple sorts and filters. With the database, it is easy to filter by neighboorhood, street, restaurant type, outdoor seating, etc. So far it is the most complete list of Downtown restaurants anywhere.

    4. The number of restaurants is of interest because one of things this blog focuses on is the vibrancy of Downtown. The steady increase is a good sign.

      I generally don't understand the mentality of the some of the commenters here that they're being provided with a service. This is a free blog to promote and educate about San Jose. Appreciate it for what it is instead of asking what it could do for you.

  4. I don't think your list includes The City Fish. They are on the south side of E Santa Clara Street between N 1st and N 2nd Street. I think they opened Fall 2012? The owner is related to the family that owns Muchos Tacqueria.

    1. It's in there (look under 't' or search for City Fish). Surprisingly good restaurant, way better than what was in the place before (Popeye's, Uncle Bernies)

  5. Sucks that we're missing out on another venture from the guys behind Alexander's, they're opening a Patisserie in MV:

    They'll now have spots in Cupertino, PA, MV, and SF.