Thursday, January 16, 2014

BASIS Private School Coming to San Jose

BASIS is responsible for some of the highest ranked charter schools in the country. There operate a dozen for-profit charters across DC, Arizona, and Texas. However, it looks like there are branching out to the private school system and are launching their first two in San Jose and Brooklyn.

The Silicon Valley campus will be located in Midtown San Jose (1290 Parkmoor) and will eventually accommodate 800 students. The plan is to offer education from grades 5 through 12, with tuition clocking in at $22,000 a year (wow, private schools are getting expensive).

The San Jose site was chosen deliberately so that they could be in the "heart of technological innovation." It seems like their culture will mesh quite well with Silicon Valley, which comes closer to a meritocracy than any other region in the world. BASIS does not believe in the traditional "elitist model of private education," there will be no boards made up of influential parents/donors, and there will be no fundraising efforts. The curriculum is heavily STEM-focused (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). 8th Graders have access to nine different math options and the curriculum will be both challenging and based on international standards.

This sounds like a school right up San Jose's alley! They are even constructing it in an office campus ;).

Source: SVBJ

BASIS Independent Silicon Valley will renovate this building at 1290 Parkmoor.
1290 Parkmoor


  1. Check out Harker if you want to see expensive:

    I'm glad this new place will introduce some competition.

  2. As a new parent I am totally looking forward to some more school options. Sadly, San Jose public schools are just not an option because they're so terrible.

  3. Harker plays "hard to get" even with parents who are ready to shell out $40K. Their admissions criteria is based on "preselection". Good to hear that they have competition now. And BASIS has no "qualification criteria" for entering. That is doubly good!