Sunday, January 19, 2014

Whiskies of the World 2014 @ SPSM

If you are a fan of whiskey, the San Pedro Square Market is hosting a substantial whiskey event with food pairings, a seminar, and of course tastings. Ignore the Christmas references below, I wanted to post this a bit closer to the event date of March 27th! For details and links just keep on reading.

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Mark your calendars and save the date of March 27th, 2014 for a very special event at the San Pedro Square Market in Downtown San Jose!

We are pre-selling tickets right now for this exclusive engagement (can someone say stocking stuffer!?)

Check out the eventbrite ticket link by clicking HERE.


Whiskies of the World Expo will treat both the whiskey connoisseur and novice alike with hundreds of the world’s most renowned whiskies. Coming in March, sample Scotch, Irish, American, Canadian, Australian, and Indian whiskies, bourbons, single malts, blends, and many other styles of liquid delicacies.

  • Pair dishes with your favorite whiskies.
  • Meet and share a dram with the whiskey stars, master distillers, blenders, and nosers.
  • Attend a fun and informative whiskey seminar to learn first-hand and mouth from the whiskey experts.
  • Come and be among the first to learn and experience a night of delicious spirited fun!

Don't forget to purchase tickets as a last minute Christmas gift for the Whiskey lover in your life by clicking HERE!


  1. Looks like there is an Venezuelan spot opening up at SPSM: I'm guessing it'll be take over the space previously occupied by the Cheese Shoppe.

    1. No. But it will be next to TreatBot in the same building as the Cheese Shoppe used to be.

    2. And it should be open by mid-May. Come join us for the Gand Opening!

    3. Hi there. Please email me info on your new restaurant so that I can plug it!