Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Cinequest Film Festival Starts Today!

One of the largest and most prominent film festivals in the world is kicking off in San Jose today, and it will bring over 100,000 people Downtown over the next two weeks. The 24th Cinequest Film Festival will run from March 4th through March 16th and feature 84 World and US premiers, daily soirees and parties, and the Maverick Awards. Films will be screened at Camera 12, the California Theater, and The Rep.

For info and to buy tickets or passes, visit the Cinequest portal over here.

1 comment:

  1. Cinequest is great, but year after year after year they fail to mention "San Jose" in any of their marketing materials. I find this especially annoying when I send their website link to non-locals unaware of the festival. "WHERE is it?!" Nobody would figure it out unless they clicked two levels deep and read the fine print on their website. Even after I bought tickets, I can't find any mention of the address to the venue. I guess they assume we all know where the California Theater is.

    Since they continue to do this every year, my feeling is that the organizers are embarrassed of their own city. If not, it sure comes off that way.