Monday, January 26, 2015

China's Hainan Airlines is Coming to SJC!!!

This has been a long time coming. San Jose International Airport has finally landed another key route! China's Hainan Airlines is going to launch nonstop flights to Beijing this summer. Hainan is one of China's premium airlines (perhaps the best), with an excellent reputation and a five-star ranking. They are very similar in terms of prestige to ANA, San Jose's other international airline servicing Asia. This will be the very first time San Jose has had a direct flight to China.

The only other airports in the US that are serviced by Hainan Airlines are Seattle, Chicago, and Boston. For the San Jose route, Hainan will be flying a fancy Boeing 787 Dreamliner with 5 flights per week.

These international routes offer a huge boost to the airport, the local economy, and our brand. Hopefully, the combination of ANA and Hainan will attract even more international carriers to the airport. I would love to see some direct flights to Europe, Australia, and South America at some point in my lifetime. Which international destination do you think we'll get next?

Source: SVBJ


  1. Would like to see more options to NYC. Only option is the dreaded red eye on jetblue.

  2. Needs flights to England, France, Germany, India, Brazil, Chile and Dubai. Can also use flights to Australia and New Zealand.

  3. SJC definitely needs flights to India.

  4. SJC could use better domestic flights in general. And pricing. A lot of times I can fly out of SFO or OAK at a much better rate.

    1. sick of domestic for SJC! International need apply.

  5. Amsterdam, Seoul, Hong kong, Frankfurt/Munich. With these we would cover majority of the south bay demographic and to a considerable extent peninsula as well.