Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Samsung in San Jose will Beat Apple & Facebook to Achieving Landmark Campus Status

The first Tech company in Silicon Valley to have a truly landmark building when it comes to architecture is not going to be Apple, Facebook, or Nvidia. It's going to be Samsung in North San Jose. At 10-stories it will be the tallest "traditional" tech campus in the valley and also one of the most unique. Each floor will always be at most one level away from an outdoor green space with trees and plants. This will make more sense after you watch the video below.

When completed later this year it will have 680,000 SQFT and home to at least 600 employees.

Source: Venturebeat

Samsung North America Headquarters from nbbjdesign on Vimeo.


  1. Is Adobe's HQ not considered a "traditional" tech campus? I believe their towers are 16-18 floors.

    1. No, its definitely not a traditional tech campus. Those have huge floor plates and are usually 2-4 floors. Samsung was able to create the large floor plates by by combining two different towers together.