Wednesday, April 1, 2015

All Cities in Santa Clara County Merging Into One Mega-City!

In 1998 the was a major amalgamation of all cities surrounding Toronto into one single "mega-city" with shared infrastructure and consolidated government. This model not only reduced the average cost of government services to residents, but it allowed an acceleration of development and urbanization. It appears that city leaders from the 15 Santa Clara County cities have been secretly meeting for years to discuss the possibility of doing something similar in Santa Clara County. A major announcement is expected to be made later this week!

Specifics are still sparse, but you can find more info on this breaking story over here!


  1. Nice joke!

    That said, I rather see SJ split into smaller cities.

    What really should be merged all into one is all Bay Area public transit agencies.

  2. Good one! I had a moment of "huh?!?"

  3. I wish it was true and all become San Jose. I wish it wasn't April fool joke. San Jose would have had around 2 million. That's what they did in Toronto, Canada and Montreal, Canada. The city could go a little farther: annex Fremont, Redwood City and Newark.