Wednesday, September 16, 2015

September 2015 Downtown Dimension Highlights

Here are my notes from the latest edition of Downtown Dimension:
  • New homeless programs are being launched to ease the homeless problem Downtown. The programs start September 30th and include:
    • A new service center staffed by PATH (People Assisting the Homeless) will open on Second and Santa Clara to provide law enforcement, business owners, and others help with homeless issues.
    • PATH will deploy uniformed outreach teams to work with the homeless, including clinicians to work with mentally ill homeless people.
    • A new helpline for residents and stakeholders of the Downtown area: (408) 510-7600
    • Potentially doubling county-operated shelters.
    • Converting the Plaza Hotel to 49 rooms for transitionally homeless.
  • The 2015 San Jose homeless population dropped by 15% from 2013 and 2015, so some of the current initiatives seem to be working.
  • Insight Global has moved its office to 50 W. San Fernando, Suite 900
  • First to Market has morphed into The Craftsman on 399 S. First St. [Josh: they also have one of the best cocktail bars Downtown]
  • Singlebarrel is now Haberdasher in the basement of 43 W. San Salvador St. The outdoor sign is a pair of scissors, a bowler hat, and a tie.
  • Insight Realty is proposing an epic mixed-use project at 180 Park Ave. called Museum Place. The plan would include a hotel, residential units, offices, and an expansion of the Tech Museum.
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