Friday, September 18, 2015

Centerra Has Two Pending Leases!

That giant high-rise across the street from the San Pedro Square Market already has leases pending for two of its five retail pads on the ground floor. L'epi D'or is a popular Asian Bakery in Cupertino. A bakery has been at the top of people's wishlists for the San Pedro Square Market, so I think this will be a great addition to the area.

Popbar would take the prime corner spot at St. John and Almaden Avenue. It is a dessert shop featuring handcrafted gelato on a stick. It is a small chain with several international destinations but only two locations in the US (New York and Anaheim). The pistachio gelato wrapped in crushed pistachios and dipped in dark chocolate looks amazing. If this opens up, I will definitely be swinging by every time I go to the San Pedro Square Market.

The fact that this retail is already filling up is exciting news and a great sign for the San Pedro area in Downtown San Jose!

Source: Robertee from the San Jose Development Forum


  1. Don't you mean Centerra, Joshua?

  2. Leasing website is up:

  3. THAT is good news, it really is. Any idea who the other leasers are?

    1. Not yet, but I'm sure they will get leased very quickly. A while back they were talking about doing a mini SPSM with multiple vendors in that space, but it looks like they are going with 3 traditional retail units instead.

      Also keep in mind Silvery Towers will have a ton of retail, more than double what Centerra has.

    2. Silvery has also increased the retail space -- they recently filed an amendment to their Site Development Permit to increase to square footage to 28K.

    3. So triple what Centerra has then =) 28K is almost the size of the entire San Pedro Sqaure Market, love it.