Tuesday, October 20, 2015

New Rendering Video for Museum Place!

The most ambitious high-rise proposal in Downtown San Jose is getting a bit more real. Insight Realty has created a simulation of what some of the spaces in the massive project could look like. "Museum Place" includes a 60,000 SQFT expansion of The Tech Museum, 210,000 SQFT of office space, twelve floors of condos, a boutique hotel, and a floor of luxury penthouse condos. Watch the two minute video below to get a sense of what the area around The Tech might look like in a few years!

Source: Hillrise from the San Jose Development Forum


  1. We'd lose Parkside Hall for this, wouldn't we? It's an indistinct place but it's still useful for functions that are too big for a hotel ballroom yet too small for the convention center. Are there plans to replace it when this new project begins?

    1. This project would include a brand new replacement to Parkside Hall that would be better integrated into the Tech (the purple area in the last image).

  2. Pretty awesome project. Now if only the sidewalk could actually be activated like they show in the video!

  3. Still waiting for the much touted, much envisioned yet still completely empty retail on One South Market. S