Friday, February 12, 2016

Feathers of Fury 6: A Valentine's Day pillow fight in Downtown San Jose

The 6th annual Downtown San Jose pillow fight is happening this Sunday on Valentine's Day! Nothing says I love you to your sweetie like a swift pillow attack. The event starts at high noon, but the location remains a secret until the day before the event. To give you some idea of where it might be, here is a list of previous locations:

2011 - Cesar Chavez Park
2012 - SJ City Hall
2013 - Circle of Palms 
2014 - SJ Rep
2015 - Camera 12 
2016 - ??????????????

More specifics as well as the rules of the event are below. To be the first to learn where the secret location is, follow this Facebook Page.

Photo from Content Magazine

HOW: An AIRHORN or WHISTLE or TOWER will signal the beginning of the event. We will proceed to charge a la Braveheart and let the flailing of laughter ensue. How long will it last? Well, that all depends on you.


-Tell everyone about the Pillow Fight.
-Bring a pillow
-Wait until the whistle/airhorn signal to begin.
-Soft pillows only!
-NEVER swing at people without pillows or with cameras.
-Tell EVERYONE about the Pillow Fight.
-Remove glasses beforehand!
-Don't hit people with a pillow unless they want it.
-Swing lightly, many people will be swinging at once.
-This is not a little kids event.
-If you don't want to participate, go outside the "play" area and you will be respected.

(Feathers are fantastic!) But it might be a good idea to wear a bandana to keep yourself from swallowing some Feathers of FURY. AGGGHHH!

Latex gloves and Garbage Bags will be brought out so that we may attempt to leave the park/area just as we found it ... which is impossible cause after we leave it will be AWESOME.

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