Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Wednesday Wishlist: Lucas Museum in San Jose

Who would have thought it would be so difficult to get approval to build a $700 million cultural museum? George Lucas wants to build a stunning museum to house his collection of both digital and populous art. I wouldn't be surprised if there were a few Star Wars relics in there as well. He is going to pay all of the costs of building and stocking the museum and just needs a location.

His first attempt was to build the museum in San Francisco on the Presidio. After years and back and forth, SF's ridiculous over-regulation killed the deal. Next, he looked towards his wife's hometown of Chicago. He nabbed a great location on the waterfront but a group of NIMBY's called "Friends of the Parks" are doing everything possible to kill the project. Now it looks like Oakland is putting their hat in the ring if Chicago falls through.

If George Lucas wants to build a $700 million museum as a gift to the world and all he needs is a great location, San Jose should get in on the running as well. There are several locations in or near Downtown San Jose that would work, as well as Kelly Park. I'm sure we could arrange to give him total creative freedom in exchange for having another world class museum in San Jose. These are the types of projects that will help elevate San Jose's culture and brand to the next level--we should be doing everything possible to bring a museum like this to San Jose!


  1. Thank you for posting this! I was thinking the same that San Jose would be a great location. Why wait for a stadium, when this could really be a wonderful attraction for the city?

  2. I agree the old A's site would be a great spot. It is 14 acres, which would give enough space to sprawl out in a park like setting. Although it kills me to have to accept that San Francisco was successful in killing San Jose's chance for a baseball team. At least we can steal this away from San Francisco and stick it to them. Alas, is there anyone with enough imagination at city hall to even propose this? Unfortunately, only we are dreaming of greatness. The real power brokers in San Jose are clueless.

  3. This would make a shitload more money directly for the City than the A's ballpark :)

    Alas, Sam Liccardo and Co. are too busy prepping themselves to hold San Francisco's jock strap in the upcoming Olympic bid to go hussle this museum for our fair city...