Tuesday, March 1, 2016

TechShop finds a new Downtown San Jose home

TechShop is a workshop for do-it-yourself types and craftspeople will all sorts of cool tools and resources (like a laser cutter). The current home of TechShop at the corner of 300 South 2nd Street is up for sale and will likely be torn down by the purchaser to build a multi-story housing or office project. Fortunately, TechShop already has found a new home a few blocks away at 38 S. Second Street. This is the former site of Zanotto's, which has sat vacant for years.

The new space clocks in at 20,000 SQFT, which is about 15% larger than the 17,000 SQFT they have today. That extra space will go towards a larger wood shop and more conference rooms and storage spaces.

Construction at the new location will take three months and the move is expected to take place in early fall. After they move, another key gap in Downtown San Jose's retail scene will be filled and highly active. I hope that they place some of the cooler workstations by the windows so people walking by can see what TechShop's craftsman (and craftswoman) are working on. It will definitely bring some much needed vibrancy to this street.

Source: SVBJ

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