Thursday, May 12, 2016

LeEco chooses San Jose for their North American headquarters

LeEco is an innovate Chinese company that is involved a multitude of high-tech businesses. They make smartphones, smart TVs, and are now working on autonomous cars. They are also a leading provider of streaming content in China (and are sometimes referred to as the Netflix of China). San Jose just scored a big win as LeEco recently decided to locate their North American headquarters here.

The new office is located at 3553 North 1st Street, conveniently close to just about every other major tech company on the planet. The 80,000 SQFT building could be home to as many as 800 new employees by the end of the year. LeEco will primarily use the space for cutting-edge R&D in both artificial intelligence and autonomous driving, two markets that will help drive the next wave of tech innovation.

Below is a short video and photos courtesy of the SJSV Chamber of Commerce.

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