Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Downtown San Jose Restaurant List Updates (2016 Q1 & Q2 Edition)

It has been a while since posting the latest list of Downtown San Jose RestaurantsWe are up to a grand total of 268 eateries! This is yet another record-breaking number for Downtown San Jose. Our little database had 206 eateries just five years ago. 60+ new restaurants in such a short period of time is pretty amazing.

Every time I have compiled the list, there have been significant closures. Not this time. Amici's and Da Noodle are the most significant that I am aware of since the last time this list was posted. On the other hand, there are many notable additions:
  • Sushi Confidential - Creative, non-traditional sushi that took over the former Sonoma Chicken space.
  • Olla Cocina - Vibrant Mexican cuisine in San Pedro Square.
  • 2nd Story Bakeshop - Killer bakery providing some of the highest quality baked goods in San Jose.
  • Ola's Exotic African Coffee and Tea - Yet another candidate for the best coffee in town. Highly recommended.
  • IPOH Garden - San Jose's first Malaysian restaurant.
  • Ludwigs German Table - San Jose's second German restaurant, situated in a unique ornate building with a lot of history.
  • SoFA Market
    • Hawaiian Poke Bowl
    • Milk and Wood
    • Vitamina Juices & Blends
  • COMING SOON (you can find all "Coming Soon" restaurants at the top of the list in the spreadsheet)
    • Chromatic Cafe (2nd St.)
    • Elyse Restaurant (1st St.)
    • Origins Juicery (1st St., former Discovery Store)
    • Mo's (W. Santa Clara St.)
    • Tac-oh! (SoFA)
    • Pizzetta 408! (SoFA Market)
    • Toasted Craft Sandwiches (SoFA Market)
    • Uproar Brewery (SoFA, former Zer01 Garage)
Below is the change log from the Downtown San Jose Restaurants Database:

11/1/2015Fahrenheit on San Feranando has closed and is being replaced by Pieology.
11/1/2015Added Sushi Confidential, coming soon to 31 N. Market
11/1/2015Added Pieology, coming soon to 99 E. San Fernando
11/8/2015McDonald's on San Carlos closed
12/12/2015Added Jade Leaf Eatery and Lounge at S. Market St. Suite 170
12/23/2015Added Takai Sushi and Sake Bar in the Fairmont Hotel (5 star Yelp rating)
12/31/2015Ayola Closed
1/10/2016Da Noodle closed on Santa Clara Street
1/10/2016Added Elyse restaurant as coming soon, taking the old House of Siam place at 151 S. Second.
3/12/2016Added Olla Cocina as coming soon to 17 N. San Pedro St.
3/21/2016Added 2nd Story Bakeshop, now open at 138 E. Santa Clara St.
4/2/2016Our House has replaced Mid GoGo at 185 Park Ave.
4/2/2016Added Ola's Exotic African Coffee and Tea at 30 E. Santa Clara Street #120
4/9/2016Chromatic Cafe is coming soon to 2nd Street
4/24/2016IPOH Garden has replaced 8 Treasure restaurant at 150 S. First St.
6/4/2016Added Ludwigs German Table, now open at 261 N. 2nd St.
6/5/2016Replaced Oni Mexicatessan at the San Pedro Square Market with Crepes & More
7/2/2016Replaced Amici's with Mo's at 225 W. Santa Clara St.
7/2/2016Tac-oh! is coming soon to 399 S. First St. (formerly First to Market)

If you haven't bookmarked it yet, here's the link to the spreadsheet! There is also a permanent link over to the right entitled Downtown San Jose Restaurants.

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