Friday, October 14, 2016

New "Visit San Jose" video

Team San Jose did an exceptional job of producing their latest promotional video for San Jose. The 1:37 long video highlights San Jose's diversity and culture and is one of the best promo videos I have seen yet for San Jose. Check it out below.

You can follow the "Visit San Jose" Facebook Page over here.


  1. Love the video. But no mention of our vibrant Vietnamese-American culture? No shots of San Jose's Chinese and Vietnamese Buddhist temples? No shots of San Jose's glorious Gurdwara? No shots of Calle Willow? No shots of dancers at Dancing in Willow Glen?

    Oh hey, they included a blink-and-you'll-miss shot of the interior of Lick! How nice! How about an outside shot?

    Wow, the "small-town" mentality is rampant!

  2. ...and Google, famously not located in San Jose. And the dancers were all staged performances, but remember, boost boost boost so people from Des Moines and Guangzhou can see what a colorful lively arts scene is happening here! (Sorry, ballet and repertory theater -- not cutting-edge artsy enough.) Also, there are restaurants here!