Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber changes its name

Yet another significant San Jose institution has decided to drop the word "San Jose" from its name. The San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce is now the "The Silicon Valley Organization."

This follows an unsettling trend preceded by The Business Journal and The Mercury News, our two top news publications. Dare I say it--should the city of San Jose be renamed the city of Silicon Valley to better raise our global awareness in light of these continued changes? You might be surprised to hear that I'm not completely opposed to the idea.

Source: SVBJ


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  2. For some reason San Jose is a enigma to much of the USA, At a minimum Our Airport, Convention Center and Transportation Hub should have been renamed SV years ago, to get ahead of the curve. thus San Jose and Silicon Valley would have had a better chance to become synonymous to the country and world. But no, Politicians renamed the city's largest infrastructures after themselves. Imagine if for 20 yrs the USA flew into San Jose at "Silicon Valley International" Maybe Steve Jobs would have Introduced the iPhone at "Silicon Valley Center" and the bullet train would being arriving at Silicon Valley Rail Central" sounds a lil better than Diridon, Diri who? please STOP naming stuff after yourselves, you live in a localized bubble and now the world thinks San Francisco is Silicon Valley and organizations are dropping SJ from their titles because SJ remains a enigma. Can we get a law that calls for people to be Dead before we name something for them?

  3. Side topic: their rebranding is a trainwreck.
    I can promise that no professional touched that.

    A permanently italized "the"?
    Red, black, white? A murderous and uncreative color combination?
    A conspicuous lower-casing of names?

    It smacks of the out-of-touch trying to pretend like-they're-in-touch.

  4. I have often wondered if renaming the city would help it grow. San Francisco was a sleepy little town until it renamed itself from Yerba Buena. Maybe it is time for San Jose to rename itself and that will kick-start the growth of a more vibrant city. Wouldn't companies and retail (please we need some more retail) want to have a Silicon Valley address?

  5. Thanks to years of inept leadership, San Jose's profile is as big as Newark New Jersey. San Jose's big latest idea is to recycle our own sewer water for drinking water, making us the laughing stock of the country. Soon they will propose creating a pipeline to pump the sewage from San Francisco (which uses pure water from Hetch Hetchy none of which goes to San Jose) so we can bathe and drink San Francisco's toilet water.

  6. These comments don't make sense. How can you elevate San Jose's profile by renaming things as Silicon Valley? Now nobody even knows San Jose exists. Think about what you're saying.