Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Check out a concept for a flying gym at SJC

There are planes with bars, massage rooms, and even showers--but I have yet to see a plane with a gym. A^3 by Airbus in partnership with Reebok and Peloton have created an interesting concept for future planes called Transpose. These modular cabins can be used for a variety of purposes including spas, cafes, and the gym you see below.

Instead of being boarded up like cattle, imagine being up-and-about getting some exercise while still having access to entertainment. You may not be getting on a plane with something like this anytime soon, but if you are flying out of SJC you can swing by Gate 18 and enjoy an interactive full-scale prototype. The model has stationary bikes, a yoga area, and weights.

For more details and a video of exercises to do before getting on a plane, hit the source link below. The prototype will be available until mid-may.

Source: Reebok

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