Monday, May 1, 2017

First look at Winchester Movie

San Jose is getting some Hollywood action. The movie Winchester tells the story about Sarah Winchester and her 160+ room mansion. It is a bit surprising that it has taken this long for a big-budget movie to tell the story of one of San Jose's top tourist attractions.

Helen Mirren is playing the lead role and her resemblance to the real Sarah is notable in the photos below. The film will start with a skeptical San Francisco psychiatrist (played by Jason Clarke) being sent to the mansion to evaluate Sarah's sanity. It seems that this will be more than just a horror/suspense movie and provide some extra insights into this mysterious woman. The directors revealed one neat tidbit, the real-life Sarah Winchester was an inventor and early adopter. She was one of the first people ever to have a telephone, and the house includes a custom-built intercom and irrigation system. Some of these details might be peppered through the movie, but the flick is designed be be a classic haunted house movie with lots of scares.

Filming will partially take place inside of the mansion itself. The movie is expected to hit theaters during Spring of next year--although I think Friday, October 13, 2018 would be a more appropriate launch date given the mansion's history and Sarah's obsession with the number 13.

Hat tip to our friend D.H. De La O for sending this in!

Source: People Movies

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  1. This movie will greatly boost tourism this year to the Winchester Mystery House, especially if it's a hit. Great news for this long-time (and only) San Jose tourist attraction. They deserve it. Mrs. Winchester was an interesting person beyond the mystic stuff. She invented the wash board!