Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Introducing Josh Hunter

The San Jose Blog will no longer be a one-Josh town! Josh Hunter is a longtime South Bay resident, having grown up in Morgan Hill before escaping to San Jose after grad school. He currently lives downtown and regularly bikes to his office in North San Jose. As a cyclist, he’s interested in transportation planning and the Bay Area trail systems. As a downtown resident he applauds the progress the city has made in the last couple of decades, and the influx of a critical-mass of residents that has elevated the restaurant and bar scene to more appropriate levels for a city our size. One can find him at San Pedro square often, or sampling one of the local breweries (Hapa being the current favorite). He has a master’s in Public Policy and an MBA from Pepperdine, and is currently the Senior Manager for Technology at Blach Construction Company.

Josh Hunter's first post for The San Jose Blog will go live in one hour!

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