Monday, July 24, 2017

Retro Arcade / Awesome Bar coming to San Jose!

The owners of two bars that have helped turn First Street into a Downtown destination are now planning to open a brand new venture that sounds completely amazing.

Dan Phan and Johnny Wang first opened Original Gravity five years ago. It was the first dedicated craft beer bar Downtown (yes there was also Good Karma, but that was not purpose-built to be a bar). Original Gravity became a tremendous success and they followed that up with Paper Plane next door--the first craft cocktail bar in the immediate area. This team has shown that they can create outstanding drinking establishments, and that brings us to their third venture.

They are planning to open an arcade bar in Downtown San Jose. This will be a mix of retro arcade machines and what I'm assuming will be a great bar--I would expect nothing less from these guys. The 5,528 SQFT space is quite a bit larger than either Original Gravity or Paper Plane, so it will accommodate around 20 beers on tap, an extensive cocktail menu, and 20-40 arcade and pinball machines. There will also be a full-blown restaurant in part of the building that will be branded separately from the bar.

It gets better. The location is 52 E. Santa Clara Street, which some of you might remember as Toons. This is a key corner that has sat empty for ages, and it will become a unique destination that does not exist anywhere else in Silicon Valley (for a rough idea of what this might be like, check out Coin-Op Game Room). A successful business here will help continue Downtown's rapid rejuvenation.

The current ETA is to have the new venue ready by March 2018. I really hope Dan and Johnny nail the hat-trick since this might be their best concept yet!

Source: SVBJ (requires subscription)


  1. LvLUP in Campbell will be waaaaay better

    1. It maybe, but it's still in Campbell LOL.

      Meanwhile, I can have a drink at this Downtown barcade, and then do a whole round of draft beers and cocktails within a 1-block radius. Campbell ain't gonna beat that hahahha

  2. All they need to have is Dragon's Lair....please.