Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Downtown Development since 2005

Downtown San José’s bright future has been a primary focus for many of us urbanists. However, as we grease our gears for full steam ahead into the future, many of us may have forgotten just how far the downtown has come in the past decade. The City’s Planning Division keeps track of development proposals in downtown San José dating back to 2005 when the Downtown Strategy 2000 was adopted by City Council. Part of this tracking includes creating an annual map showing where residential and commercial development proposals have occurred. As shown in the map in the link below, there have been numerous mixed-use residential development proposals within downtown San José, mostly centered near or north of E/W Santa Clara Street. Specifically, 2,643 units are currently built or under construction with another 4,228 approved units on the way. This equates to over 6,800 NEW units within the downtown, meaning many more residents walking, biking, and increasing the vibrancy of the core of our city. This explosion of residential development can be a large factor in explaining the increase in cafes, restaurants, and bars that the downtown has seen recently. Let’s all hope that office proposals can now make up for lost time!

-Kimberly Vacca

Downtown Development Map

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  1. That's really impressive! It also came along by 2005 when Marriott, 480 Almaden, Opus, Adobe 3 tower, city hall, library, Fairmont Annex and Rotary 7 story building/parking. Before then, by 1999, Former Redevelopment Director, Frank Taylor, was really pleased with the progress of downtown by then(completing 2 Adobe towers, Tech Museum, UA theater, 303 Almaden, Paseo condos and Park Townsend on top of all the completed redevelopment of downtown since 1979!)

  2. Meant came along way by 2005

  3. Add another one: The Graduate breaks ground on Oct. 4, 2017!