Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Y2K International Live Looping Festival opens in San Jose on October 18

If you happened to stop by the October South First Friday, you might have noticed some live looping performers near Anno Domini. That was just a small preview to the main Y2K main festival that is set to start on Wednesday, October 18.

Y2K is the first and longest running live looping festival. This year it's Y2K17, and will bring a number of international artists to San Jose:

Otros Cronopios (Mexico)
ecNegru (France)
MIDI_Pipe (Mexico)
CIAN (Mexico)
Philippe Ollivier (France)
Entertainment for the Braindead (Germany)
Laura Stavinoha (Netherlands)
Martin Janíček (Czech Republic)

The venue will be Anno Domini once again. This is the first leg of the festival, which continues in Santa Cruz for the weekend. Not sure how to expect? Here's a clip from the 2014 festival that demonstrates live looping.

For more information, visit the festival website.

-Lawrence Lui

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