Tuesday, December 19, 2017


As San Jose's prestige continues to rise, so does the quality of our promotional videos. Visit San Jose has produced what I think is the best promo video of our city to date. Click here for the full resolution version.

Huge thanks to Vianka Villanueva for sending this in!


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    1. I love this beautiful portrayal of the awesome City of San Jose.
      & You are most welcome! :)

  2. Slightly better than last time, where half of the video was about the Mexican cultural center and the other half about Santa Cruz.

    Slightly better, but not by much. Still got a long way to go. Where are the observatories? Where are the temples? The Gurdwara? Where is Willow Glen? Where's The Row? Where are the Quakes? Where is Rose Garden? Where's SubZero? Where is St. James Park and all its surrounding architectures? Where is Almaden Lake?

    Sigh....still looks like a bunch of transplants put together the video. This City couldn't market itself for jack...