Tuesday, February 6, 2018

SJC might be getting direct service to India

This tidbit is deep in the rumor-mill, but there was a special surprise embedded in an Air India announcement for new flights at SFO. The airline already has a direct flight to New Delhi that flies six times per week and this summer they are launching a new Mumbai route with three flights per week out of San Francisco. However, check out this portion of the announcement:

"...This has prompted to us to connect Mumbai directly with San Francisco and we plan to launch a flight service to the Silicon Valley from the coming summers,"the official said."

The only airport they could be referring to is San Jose International. A direct flight to India from San Jose would make perfect sense given the large South Asian population in Silicon Valley and the business relationships between local companies and those in Mumbai, Bangalore, and other Indian tech centers. The bigger question is what does the "coming summers" mean? 2019? 2020? It's not clear from the article, but hopefully more details will be released soon.

Source: India Times, hat-tip to Daniel Martinez for sending this in!


  1. Don’t read too much into this. When Modi was in San Jose to announce Air India service between SFO and DEL, he was quoted in saying that finally there is a connection between India and Silicon Valley. If this route is launched,mit will be from SFO where they already have a station up and running.

    1. They are already launching SFO >> BMO this summer, I don't think they would be referring to San Francisco when saying Silicon Valley. Otherwise they would be saying something to the effect of "We're launching a flight from Mumbai to San Francisco, oh and in the future summer we are also launching a flight to San Francisco."

    2. I think that comment by Air India is lost in translation, IMO.

  2. That's how Indians talk sometimes. They double reference. In this case, it's SFO again!

  3. Everything that goes on in this valley is referred to San Francisco in world's eye, especially India. So more flights will be added at SFO.

  4. Yeah, it's definitely SFO. LOL, we rolled out the carpet for Modi just so he can bring flights to SFO. Sam Liccardo is a loser, wasting taxpayers money on hosting Modi and got nothing in return.