Monday, August 19, 2019

Lew Wolff helps move along a 19-story hotel project

Lew Wolff, one of the key developers responsible for the Fairmont San Jose, is now in talks to purchase a 19-story hotel project next to the Hotel DeAnza. The deal is expected to close in September and would bring the project much closer to becoming a reality.

This would likely be a trendy brand catering to young professionals that do not want to rent cars (there will be no on-site parking). It also features some really nice amenities like a rooftop restaurant and bar.

San Jose is in desperate need of more hotel rooms to support local companies and events. New hotel projects like this and the cantilevered Tribute Hotel can't come soon enough.

Source: SVBJ


  1. Remember, the new hotel can't be overshadowing De Anza and be any taller. Max. height agreed was 7 story. That's why Axis is behind De Anza with future second phase being only 7 story. The city is destined to deny this hotel the permit over height and parking issues.

  2. The city of San Jose doesn't have many historic landmarks so it shouldn't allow this new hotel (in such a small lot of .2 acre) to dwarf over the historic De Anza hotel. The project also blocks De Anza's beautiful iconic rooftop neon sign from thousands of pedestrians walking from SAP center towards downtown during Sharks games and special events. San Jose downtown is filled with 10s or 100s of large parking lots in the vicinity next to NO special landmarks which are much more suited for this project. Let's grow our city and make it more vibrant but also let's preserve the only few historic jewels we still have in our city!