Monday, July 13, 2020

Free San Jose COVID Testing

I'm back from a short workation to Tahoe. While I didn't do anything crazy like visiting a casino, I plan on getting COVID tested soon and thought I would share the easiest way to do it for anyone interested.

This week, free pop-up COVID-19 tests will be administered at the County of Santa Clara service Center Auditorium (1555 Berger Road, San Jose) and Independence High School, C Commons (617 N. Jackson Avenue, San Jose).

I have done the pop-up tests twice now, and it is extremely easy to do. The new method is completely painless--they do not shove the q-tip all the way up your nose as they did with early tests. On a scale of 1-10 with a shot in the arm being an 8, I would put this at a 1 in terms of pain/discomfort, which is to say there isn't any.

They also don't even ask for your insurance, it is completely free and you get the results within a few days. You do not need symptoms, a doctor's note, or proof of residency. Just walk in and get your test. If you show up early it should be a very short wait. The last one I did was towards the end of the day and it took 30 minutes total to wait in line, provide contact info, and get tested. Masks are required the entire time.

Again, the tests are at the County of Santa Clara Service Center Auditorium and Independence High School. The pop-up sites will be open from 10am to 3pm, Tuesday thought Friday. If you are in South San Jose, they will also be doing tests in the South County Annex (9300 Wren Avenue, Gilroy).

Source: San Jose Inside

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