Friday, August 4, 2023

More homes to replace surface parking near Roosevelt Park

213 homes are being planned at the corner of North 17th Street and East St. John Street, right on the outskirts of Downtown San Jose in the Julian-St. James neighborhood. 113 of the units are affordable family-oriented apartments, 64 would be dedicated to seniors, and 36 will be for-sale townhomes offered at affordable prices.

The family apartments will have 8,300 SQFT of amenities and an open-space courtyard while the senior apartments would have 10,400 SQFT of amenity space and a courtyard of their own. The townhomes will have a paseo running through them.

The project includes an 80-year old building that served as IBM's first operations on the West Coast. The developers are looking to somehow incorporate that building into the project.

Source: The Merc

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