Wednesday, January 3, 2024

San Jose 2023 crime stats fare well among Bay Area piers

San Jose has been a relatively safe city for many decades, and at certain points was the safest big city in the United States. The final crime stats for 2023 are out and they bode well for San Jose.

In terms of homicides, San Jose came in at 36 for 2023 (this compares to 35 in 2022 and 31 in 20221). This is much less than San Francisco with 53 despite having 15% fewer people. If you look at Oakland, the stat disparity is even wider. Oakland came in at 126 homicides last year, 3.5 times more than San Jose despite having half the population.

Part of the reason why the rate is so low is that San Jose's homicide unit solves nearly 100% of all cases, something that is very rare in cities of a million people.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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