Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hungry? San Jose Restaurant Lists

There are hundreds of great restaurants in San Jose representing every category and ethnicity possible. So how do you pick where to go? Personally, I first pick a type of food I'm in the mood for and then refer to this handy list put together at

If you would like to limit your selections to Downtown San Jose, then the Downtown San Jose Association also has their own list. I've been to at least 90% of the restaurants downtown, and try to hit up a new one each week. There is also a great promotion coming soon to downtown restaurants allowing you to get a 3-4 course meal for a reasonable fixed price. I'll post more info about that right before the promotion goes into effect!


  1. Sweet lists. Thanks. It's amazing how many are on the downtown list when you look at the addresses and realize how limited their scope is geographically.

  2. Exactly, most of them are in a single square mile area. Many more to come hopefully!