Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Thank you to everyone that participated in today's contest!  Our winners are Melanie Cregger and Joie Pascual, both of which live in San Jose and will each receive a pair of day passes for Raging Waters!! A huge thanks to Raging Waters for sponsoring the prize for this contest. If you're curious about the answers, here they are:

Posting Time Hints (Posting time was 3:22pm)

HINT #1: San Jose is divided into 10 districts, which one is Downtown San Jose in? 3
HINT #2: The year that San Jose became the State Capital. 1849 >> 1+8+4+9 = 22

1.) What was San Jose's original name? El Pueble de San Jose de Guadalupe
2.) Which 2 colors are used in San Jose's flag? Gold and Blue (also SJSU colors btw)
3.) What is the tallest building in San Jose today? The 88
4.) Who was San Jose's first official major after becoming an incorporated city? Josiah Belden
5.) What is the oldest building in San Jose? The Peralta Adobe
6.) What is the name of the lake next to Raging Waters? Lake Cunningham
7.) How many water slide attractions are there in Raging Waters? Would have accepted either 6 or 7 (two of them are usually grouped as one).

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