Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Alright folks, here's the drill. The first TWO (2) individuals to answer the following trivia questions correctly will each win a pair of Raging Waters tickets (winners must not be related to each other or to writers for The San Jose Blog). ANSWERS MUST BE EMAILED TO:

Here are your Questions:
1.) What was San Jose's original name?
2.) Which 2 colors are used in San Jose's flag?
3.) What is the tallest building in San Jose today?
4.) Who was San Jose's first official major after becoming an incorporated city?
5.) What is the oldest building in San Jose?
6.) What is the name of the lake next to Raging Waters?
7.) How many water slide attractions are there in Raging Waters?

Now for a twist. There is a bonus 8th questions that will give you a 5 minute advantage if you are able to guess a correct answer (5 minutes will be subtracted from the time I receive your email with answers to the questions above). The question is: name a single restaurant in Downtown San Jose that Josh Santos has NOT been to. Here is a list of restaurants to help you out. I have to warn you that there are less than a dozen restaurants on that list that will qualify you for the bonus.

Good luck everyone!



  1. I don't really need tickets to Raging Waters, but I'll take a guess on #8:

    Carl's Junior

  2. Actually, that would have been a correct answer =). I've walked by there at least 3-4 times thinking that I should just quickly grab something to take it off my list, but it hasn't happened yet. There are too many other great options to sacrifice precious stomach space at Carl's!