Sunday, August 1, 2010

New Hypothetical Scenario For SJC

5 months ago Anthony Dominguez, one of our readers, posed a hypothetical question regarding the need for our airport occupying prime real estate in central San Jose. In this post, he proposed to consolidate operations with SFO, which will eventually be a very short High-Speed Rail ride away.

Today, Anthony proposes a different scenario. Instead of merging with SFO, he's proposing to combine SJC operations with the Hollister Municipal Airport, where there are vast amounts of space to build a world class international airport. He wrote an in-depth document about this over here, of which I'll just post the proposed benefits:

Benefits Of A New SJC/Hollister - San Jose
a ) No building height restrictions in the downtown, central San Jose or along the N. First Street corridor.
b ) Aircraft noise elimination for vast areas of central San Jose.
c ) Opportunity to redevelop the current Mineta/SJC site into revenue generating urban development, including the adaptive reuse of current terminal/parking complex.
d ) Future population growth for San Jose could now be accommodated in high-rise/high density developments at the Mineta site, downtown core and N. First Street/Monterey Hwy. corridors.
e ) Shared revenues from SJC/Hollister operation.

Benefits Of A New SJC/Hollister - Hollister/San Benito County
a ) Economic stimulus in the form of tax revenue from airport and related developments; i.e. hospitality, retail, aviation support services.
b ) Employment opportunities associated with airport and service/support operations.
c ) High-speed rail connectivity to San Jose, Silicon Valley and Central California for Hollister and San Benito County commuters/travelers.

In order for you to be able to read the entire proposal, I posted it as a public Google Doc. Click here to access the document!


  1. I'm guessing that most of the people who live in the San Jose area and use the airport would find either of the two proposals losers. The location of the current airport is extremely convenient for those who travel for business and visit the many tech companies in Santa Clara and southern Alameda Counties. We already have enough traffic on 101 / 880 in the vicinity of SJC. I would shutter to visualize what traffic would be like with another 10,000 or more people living on the site of the current airport!

  2. JeffH,
    Unless of course you live directly under the flight path. Look, between now and 2040, San Jose will add between 200,000-300,000 to its population. The question moving forward is how do we accomodate the increased population and how do we grow; build in the Coyote Valley and foothills? Or build along transit lines and in the downtown? I choose the latter. As for the current Mineta site; think transit-oriented development, high-density and high-rise. We need to get away from the old autocentric model of driving everywhere to huge parking lots. Lastly,a SJC located 40 miles to the southeast will still be convenient for visitors/business travellers alike via a 22 minutes ride on high-speed rail.

  3. I live directly under the flight path. With proper insulation you don't hear a thing. Besides watching the birds land and takeoff is awesome, but not nearly as awesome as the 10 minute cab ride to the airport.