Saturday, September 4, 2010

SJBJ: San Jose office park will be transformed into 89 homes

According to the San Jose Business Journal, it looks like 16 acres of office park are going to be razed to make room for 89 detached homes in Almaden Valley. Not a bad idea given the 10 million or so square feet of vacant office space in San Jose right now. The builder also plans on restoring four acres of habitat next to the Guadalupe Creek. Fore more details, head right over here or here.


  1. That's good news as long and parks and trees are respected and EXPANDED. If it weren't for trees and parks, downtown SJ and its vicinity would lose all of its appeal.

  2. Hey Joshua,

    I'm not on one side or the other but this project was a huge discussion item at last weeks council meeting. The council elected to approve the project even through its boudaries are closer then setback rules state the should be. This is a question of concern for me. Anyhow keep up the good San Jose reporting.