Friday, September 3, 2010

South First Friday + Street Market TODAY

Another awesome South First Friday is coming your way today, and it will be the last one of the year to be accompanied by a full blown street market! It all goes down at 7pm and stretches until the wee hours of the morning. More details below:


The South FIRST FRIDAYS art walk + STREET MRKT is this Friday, September 3rd! It all kicks off at 7pm and goes 'til late!
Here's some highlights from KALEID Gallery and Phantom Galleries coordinated exhibits:
Coexist & Bisect Two new manifestations by René Lorraine
René Lorraine's latest work is a fascinating take on man coexisting with unfamiliar species, ideals, and life styes that one may find on this earth. Coexist deals with embracing differences between souls and the shells they reside in, and is an unbeatable experience involving a harmonious dance between crisp clean line, and free-flowing watercolor pigments. Bisect is about the challenges one person may have desiring two very different life styles. The delicate graphite mimic's the fine line of having balance and not.
René Lorraine is a graduate of San Jose State University with a BFA in Pictorial Arts, and an A.A in Painting.

Shadows of Light, from the Hidden Sun A vision of the Authentic self by Ras Lowe.
This Art message is about deep personal inner visions, a progressive transmission of sacred information for the 21st. century, from the ancient temples of Egypt, to the jungles of Holy Peru. Remembering every moment in Life is a gift, and is precious, not to be wasted.
Ras Lowe is a graduate from San Jose State University, MA, Urban Planning, and BA, in Black Studies-( African American Studies) He has lived in San Jose since 1969 and is retired currently teaching (Japanese Swordsmanship) Ken-do at SJSU.
(7-9pm) KALEID Gallery
88 South Fourth Street
Opening Reception: Scrap Facet by Sandi Billingsley
A collection of distinctive monochrome portraiture on rescued & re purposed material.
Good Karma Cafe
37 South First Street
Opening reception of Gravity by artist Valerie Runningwolf
New encaustic works as well as mixed- media pieces that are of traditional and contemporary ideas that awaken and encourage exploration.
First Fridays are Opera Night! at Caffé Trieste with some of the Bay Area’s best opera singers performing your favorite arias and duets.
Caffe Trieste
315 South First Street
On view: Freedom. Experience Reality. by abstract artist Nathan Belomy
Phantom Galleries Location: 386 South First Street
This Friday is also the last STREET MRKT of the season! Live music by Sean Hayes, Lisa Dewey & Lotus Life, and Jhameel plus 40 regional artists and indie vendors 7pm-11pm out on South First Street between San Carlos & San Salvador streets.
For full listings of all participating venues including Anno Domini, MACLA, San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles, South First Billiards, SLG Art Boutiki, Higher Fire Clay, Downtown Yoga Shala, METRO Photo Exhibit and Art Ark, visit!


  1. I love SJ and live downtown. I would love for downtown SJ to take off and cannot explain why it fully hasn't. My theory is that it's not a self contained city like SF or Manhattan, but rather a sprawling metropolis.

    Part of the reason, frankly, is the very sad standards it sets for civic events and activities, from its farmers markets (who on earth expects a farmers market to actually draw people if it takes place on a Friday at noon? Hello?) to this First Friday art.

    My husband and I giddily set out to a first Friday a few months ago. My jaw dropped and sadly, it was out of shock at the pathos of it all. The 'art' exhibited at the 2-3 participant venues was a hodgepodge of 8th grade level junk. I couldn't believe it.

    Clearly, there is an absence of engaged and committed artistic direction here. True love is not blind love and I have to say, as much as the SJ Museum is a great place, this pathetic attempt at getting to revive downtown life through 'art' has a long, long, long way to go.

  2. I definitely agree that the Friday Farmer's Market is very badly timed. The good news is that the San Pedro Square Urban Market is opening early next year and should provide Monday through Sunday access to the types of items you would normally buy at Farmer's Markets. They are also pushing for a Sunday Farmer's Market after that development opens up.

    Regarding South First Fridays, I will have to disagree. If you only found 2-3 venues, you didn't venture out far enough. There should have been at least 15... most are clustered close to Gore park. ICA, The Works, Anno Domini, the Glass Blowing Shop (can't remember name) and Kaleid are all must sees. There are some off the beaten path, but you can hop on a free pedicab to access those. Also, if you're an art lover, I think you're really going to like 01SJ coming up in a few weeks. More info on that over here: