Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dishcrawl is Coming to Willow Glen

For those of your who still have not attended a Dishcrawl, it's pretty much a foodies dream. You get to sample food at 4 different restaurants and often get to meet the chef behind the food. We have had many Dishcrawls in Downtown San Jose, but tomorrow is the first one in Willow Glen. My intention was to plug this event, but it's already sold out!

So instead I'll point you to the Dishcrawl Bay Area page: http://www.dishcrawl.com/bayarea/

In addition to doing their epic 4-round Dishcrawls, they are also doing special events at key restaurants throughout the Bay Area. It is absolutely worth trying out. I have done many Dishcrawls and have never been disappointed. As a side-note, the company is headquartered in Downtown San Jose!

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