Tuesday, July 10, 2012

New Interactive Directory Premiers at Santana Row

This year is Santana Row's 10 Year Anniversary. In honor of the occasion, they are planning a few "upgrades."

Santana Row is the very first Northern California location to launch a next-gen outdoor touchscreen directory. In fact, this may be the best outdoor touchscreen available anywhere. Think of this as a giant 46" HD iPad with an interactive map, way-finding (navigation), and constantly updated SR events. It's also fan-less, weather-sealed, and designed for use in direct sunlight.

The technology and programming powering the massive touchscreen was actually developed in San Jose by Array Interactive. To check it out for yourself, just head over to Santana Row between Sino and Left Bank. 


  1. Because Santana Row is so difficult to navigate?

    1. I know; all that "one straight line with a few offshoots" is pretty confusing, right?

    2. Well, there are a lot of visitors that don't have all the stores memorized so it can come in as a handy reference. Even for people that know exactly where they want to go, it can be used to pull up a list of events.

  2. meanwhile, dollar tree is taking over the old zanotto's space. downtown is freakin doomed. sam liccardo is so awesome at representing downtown? not really.